HelperSurance 4.0

HelperSurance 4.0

As responsible employers, we must well protect our domestic servants. HelperSurance 4.0 is a comprehensive insurance package that covers medical expenses if your domestic servant becomes unwell. It also provides you with an extra level of support, if your domestic servant is seriously sick or bodily injured.

Employees' Compensation Cover

Employees' Compensation CoverHave peace of mind knowing that your domestic servant is fully covered when it comes to bodily injury and sickness, as per your responsibility as an employer under the Government’s Employees’ Compensation Ordinance.

Repatriation Expenses

Repatriation ExpensesIf your domestic servant is medically unfit to employ and needs to return to the country of residence, or if the worst should happen and she passes away, we will contribute up to HK$20,000 towards the cost of repatriation.

Replacement Helper Expenses

Replacement Helper ExpensesIf your domestic servant has been repatriated due to serious sickness, bodily injury or death, we will pay up to HK$10,000 to help ease your financial burden while you find a replacement.

Medical Protection against Abuse of Your Family

Medical Protection against Abuse of Your FamilyIf you and your family sustain bodily injury caused by intentional malicious act of the domestic servant, we will pay up to HK$10,000 per year for necessary medical treatment, including post-traumatic stress disorder treatment expenses.

Extra Premium Discount

Extra Premium DiscountSave money in the form of a premium discount when you enroll in a two-year policy.

Benefits Table

Benefits Table
Benefits Maximum Benefits Payable (HK$)
1) Employees’ Compensation Cover
  • Your liability as an employer under the Employees' Compensation Ordinance
100 million per event
2) Clinical Expenses
  • Actual expenses of your domestic servant incurred for medical treatment for bodily injury or sickness
200 per visit per day
  • Actual expenses of your domestic servant incurred for treatment by Chinese Medicine Practitioner or Physiotherapist
500 per year
100 per visit per day
  • Aggregate limit
4,000 per year
3) Surgical & Hospitalisation Expenses
  • Hospital confinement for surgery or treatment of bodily injury or sickness (include Day Care Surgery) of your domestic servant :
  • Room & board and other miscellaneous hospital services charges
300 per day
  • Surgical Operation Fee
10,000 per operation
  • Anaesthetist Fee
25% of Surgical Operation Fee
  • Operating Theatre Charge
12.5% of Surgical Operation Fee
  • Aggregate Limit
30,000 per year
4) Service Interruption Cover
  • Loss or interruption of service resulting from the confinement of your domestic servant in a hospital at least one day for surgery or treatment of bodily injury or sickness
6,000 per year
300 per day
5) Dental Expenses
  • Domestic servant requires dental treatment, including oral surgery, treatment of abscesses, X-rays, extractions or fillings as a result of dental disease
Two-thirds of actual expenses up to 1,500 per year
6) Personal Accident Benefits
  • Accidents occurring during domestic servant’s rest days resulting in death, loss of limbs or loss of sight
100,000 per year
7) Repatriation Expenses
  • Repatriation of your domestic servant if certified by a Registered Medical Practitioner as medically unfit to complete the term of contract of employment, or in the event of death, the repatriation of his/her mortal remains to the country of residence
20,000 per year
8) Replacement Helper Expenses
  • Actual expenses incurred to employ a new domestic employee in the event your domestic servant is repatriated due to serious sickness, bodily injury or death
10,000 per year
9) Fidelity Guarantee Cover
  • Pecuniary loss directly resulting from the act of fraud or dishonesty committed by your domestic servant
10,000 per year
10) Replacement and installation cost of main door lock or metal gate lock
500 per year
11) Automatic extension of cover
  • Maximum period of extension per year
once a year
3 months
12) Medical Protection for Abuse of Your Family
  • Actual medical expenses incurred for the treatment of bodily injury of your Family caused by domestic servant’s intentional malicious acts
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder treatment expenses
10,000 per year 1,000 per visit per day

Optional Benefits upgrade for Medical Expenses covering Heart Disease and Cancer

Optional Benefits upgrade for Medical Expenses covering Heart Disease and CancerFor as little as HK$0.3 per day extra, protection will be extended to cover against heart disease and cancer under Surgical & Hospitalisation Expenses, Clinical Expenses and Service Interruption Cover.
Optional Covers
Optional Cover 1
Extend to cover heart disease and cancer under Surgical & Hospitalisation Expenses, Clinical Expenses and Service Interruption Cover
Optional Cover 2^
In addition to cover heart disease and cancer under Surgical & Hospitalisation Expenses, Clinical Expenses and Service Interruption Cover, PLUS an extra indemnity of HK$70,000 for Surgical & Hospitalisation Expenses

Premium Table* & Waiting Period

Premium Table* & Waiting Period
Plan Type Premium (HK$) Waiting Period
HelperSurance 4.0
1 year:750
2 years:1,350
14 day
Optional Cover 1*
1 year:120
2 years:200
90 day
Optional Cover 2^*
1 year:250
2 years:450

^Only applicable for domestic servants aged below 45 at the time of enrolment
Waiting Period: Start from the effective date of the insurance shall be applicable under Section 2) Clinical Expenses, Section 3) Surgical & Hospitalisation Expenses, Section 4) Service Interruption Cover and Section 5) Dental Expenses and Optional Benefits for each domestic servant during which no benefits shall be payable.

For enquiries, please call MSIG Hotline 3122 6880during office hours for more details.


Office hours: Monday to Friday: 9am to 5:30pm (except public holidays).


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Terms and Conditions

Major exclusions:
  1. Self-inflicted injury or suicide, nervous or mental disease or disorder, venereal disease, congenital anomalies and deformities, infertility, sterilisation, heart disease or cancer
  2. Rest-cure or physical check-up
  3. Cosmetic or plastic surgery unless to correct an injury for which the Policy covers
  4. Vaccinations, immunisation, injections or preventive medication
  5. Routine examination, scaling, polishing or cleaning and crowning
  6. Any Bodily Injury or sickness or dental treatment occurred outside the territorial limits of Hong Kong
  7. Repatriation or transportation of mortal remains originating outside Hong Kong
  8. War, invasion, rebellion
  9. Radioactive contamination

The above is a summary of the Major Exclusions only. For details, please refer to policy provisions.
Important Note:
  1. The above insurance plans are underwritten by MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited ("MSIG"). MSIG reserves the right of final approval and amendment of the above products. In case of disputes, the decision of MSIG shall be final and binding.
  2. The above information is intended as a general summary. It is for reference only and is not an offer for subscription of any insurance product and does not constitute any part of the insurance contract. The policy may contain Terms and Conditions which are not detailed in the above. If there is any discrepancy between the information contained in the above and the Terms and Conditions of the policy, the Terms and Conditions of the policy shall prevail. For exact Terms and Conditions and details of the coverage and exclusions, please refer to the relevant policy or contact MSIG.
  3. During the insured period, the Proposer/Policyholder must inform MSIG immediately in case of any changes of Insured details such as address, otherwise MSIG reserves the right to decline any claims the Proposer/Policyholder made.
  4. The Insurance Authority will collect a levy on insurance premiums (if any) from policyholders through MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited in accordance with the law. For further information about the levy imposed by the Insurance Authority, please refer to Insurance Authority Premium Levy introduction website or Fubon Bank Premium Levy introduction website.

*Collection of Levy on Insurance Premium
The Insurance Authority (IA) has announced the collection of levy on insurance premium under the “Insurance Ordinance” with effect from 1st January 2018. As a result, all premium amounts shown in this product factsheet are subject to levy.
a. MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited ("MSIG") is the insurance underwriter of the above insurance plan and is authorized and regulated by the Insurance Authority. MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited is solely responsible for all approvals, coverage and compensation under this policy and reserves the right of final approval and decision on such matters.
b. MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited is not a subsidiary or an affiliate of Fubon Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (“Fubon Bank”).
c. Fubon Bank is the licensed insurance agency appointed by MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited, and is responsible for introduction of the insurance plans. The Plan is not the product of Fubon Bank. Fubon Bank is not responsible for any terms or obligations of the Plan.
d. In case you file a written complaint regarding the selling process or processing of the related transaction to Fubon Bank and the complaint is an “Eligible Dispute(s)” as defined in the Terms of Reference for the Financial Dispute Resolution Centre, Fubon Bank is required to enter into a Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme process with you if the Eligible Dispute cannot be resolved after Fubon Bank has issued the final written reply. If the complaint / dispute is related to the policy terms and conditions, it should be resolved directly between MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited and you. Nevertheless, where practicable and appropriate, Fubon Bank will provide reasonable assistance to customers in the dispute resolution process.
e. MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, Inc. and its principal place of business in Hong Kong is at 9/F Cityplaza One, 1111 King’s Road, Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong.
f. The English version shall prevail in case of inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions.
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