Enhanced Security Control for Automatic Teller Machine (“ATM”)

Enhanced Security Control for Automatic Teller Machine (“ATM”)

To enhance ATM security for our customers, we have installed Card Protection Kit (CPK) throughout our ATM network to prevent suspicious fraudsters from placing a skimming device over the ATM card insert slot.


If you find the keypad cover or the card insert slot of our ATMs is damaged or being installed with any suspicious device when you are making any transaction via our ATMs, please cancel the transaction immediately and inform our bank staff or call (852) 2512 1131.

Card Protection Kit


Smart Tips on using Fubon ATM Card:

Smart Tips on using Fubon ATM Card:
  • In case your ATM card/PIN is lost or stolen, please call our designated 24-hour Lost Card Service Hotline (852) 2512 1131 immediately or advise any of our branches to suspend the card usage. To ensure immediate handling and maximum protection, please do not report your card loss by fax.
  • Check your ATM card periodically to ensure it is always in your possession.
  • Mobile phones are possible causes of card magnetic strip malfunction. Avoid placing mobile phone together with your card.
  • Do not disclose the PIN to any other person.
  • Do not write your PIN on your ATM card or keep your PIN together with your ATM card.
  • Do not write down or record the PIN without disguising it.
  • Do not select your telephone no., ID card no., your date of birth or easily assessable personal information as your PIN.
  • Destroy the original printed copy of the PIN.
  • Regularly update your PIN via ATMs.
  • Always cover the keypad while you enter your PIN.
  • Remember to collect your card and cash after cash withdrawal transaction.
  • Be cautious and report to the Bank if you observe any suspicious devices near the card insert slot when using ATMs (e.g. Pin Hole Camera).
  • Refer to the back of the ATM card where you can find the international network the card can be used on.
  • Withdraw cash via ATMs other than Fubon and JETCO (local) network is subject to the handling fee as well as the terms and conditions stipulated by the relevant bank and network service provider.
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